Frank 'n' Furter - Moses Galarza

Brad Majors - Adam Galarza

Janet Weiss - Tiana Akers

Riff Raff - Victor Souffrant

Magenta - Allyssa Yost

Columbia - Erica Rush

Rocky - Tony Flaherty

Eddie - Kalen Dennis

Doctor Scott - Michael Knight

The Phantoms

Ryan Corridoni

Devon Lewno

Callie Miller

Kirsty Rimmer

Zachary Smith

Kasey Sollenberger

Jaime Stout

Justin Vorhees

Hosted By

Logan Donahoo

In addition to this stellar cast of singers and actors, the show will also feature 

some of Antigravity's gravity-defying aerialists, 

a live band 



That's right, some of Central Florida's most well-known actors will be rotating in the role of NARRATOR throughout the run! 

Guest Narrator Schedule

14th, 21st October - Summer Aiello and Robyn Pedretti Kelly

15th, 24th October - J.Michael Roddy

17th, 22nd October - Adrian LePeltier