In October 2017, the cast of Hedwig presented a unique challenge. Alternating each night between the roles of Hedwig and Yitzhak, both Liz Kinder and Moses Galarza, providing audiences with two very different interpretations of the show! 


 Here at Red Fish Theatre we like to keep things fresh and new, and this cast is the key to presenting this cult musical in an exhilarating new way.


Hedwig/Yitzhak - Moses Galarza

Hedwig/Yitzhak - Liz Kinder

Standby Hedwig/Yitzhak - Kelsey Morales


Piano - Ward Ferguson

Guitar - Joel Weston Howard

Bass - Zach Briggs

Drums - Jeremy Spangler


Daniela Roper

Amy Smith

Kyra Wagner

Nicole Sirdoreus

Lynnea Brown

Heather Stover

Daniel Stover